Conference “Water is Life – the local approach”
Date July 24 – 28, 2018
Host Schools Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen
(Shibuya & Makuhari Senior High Schools)
Location  Shibuya (Tokyo) & Makuhari (Chiba)

*For your information, Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen has two campuses in the metropolitan Tokyo area – one in Shibuya (Tokyo) and the other is Makuhari (Chiba).We are sister schools with Mr.Tetsuo Tamura as our Principal. The venues of the conference will be on one of these campuses.The students of your research teams will be hosted by the families of either Shibuya Senior High School or Makuhari Senior High School.Teachers are asked to stay in Tokyo or Chiba depending on which school their students will be hosted by.


This conference is invitational. Only the schools that received the invitation letter are eligible for participation.


In a world characterized by climate change and increased global inter-connectedness, the local and global challenges on water management are increasingly complex. We need to prepare for the future by developing in our youth the knowledge and leadership necessary to manage and overcome these challenges. This conference aims to bring bright young students from different countries together in a meeting of hearts and minds. It seeks to plant the seeds of friendship and dialogue, instill awareness on the issue of water management and develop scientific, diplomatic and leadership skills in young participants.


  1. To create deeper awareness and instill a sense of urgency regarding water security and sustainability issues through keynote addresses, dialogue sessions and student presentations on water management strategies and challenges in their countries;
  2. To facilitate the development and sharing of scientific innovation in water technologies and water ecology through a scientific symposium;
  3. To develop friendship and collaborative networks for future exchange and research projects on water technologies through cultural exchange, collaborative workshops;
  4. To develop leadership and diplomatic skills in participants through facilitation sessions that incorporate dynamic workshops and activities aimed at developing their organisational skills, ability to lead and work as a team.
    For details, please refer to Information Pack. You can download it from here.
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